Double-agent architecture for collaborative supply chain formation

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Double-agent architecture for collaborative supply chain formation
Supply chains have evolved to web-applications that tap on the power of internet to expand their networks online. Recently some research attention is focused on make-to-order supply chain formation where orders are scheduled to be optimally distributed among online manufacturers and suppliers for mutual benefits. A SET model was proposed in [1] using Pareto theories. The model is then extended into a collaborative manner throughout the whole supply chain by incorporating it with the Just-in-Time (JIT) principle, known as CSET. The CSET framework was proposed, and the advantage of time efficiency was shown in [2]. The core of the CSET model is based on intelligent agent technology. Specifically the model is supported by double-agent architecture with each type of agents who makes provisional plans of order distribution by Pareto optimality and JIT coordination respectively. This paper defines such double-agent mechanisms in details, as well as demonstrating its merits via simulation st...
Yang Hang, Simon Fong
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Yang Hang, Simon Fong
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