Down-Scaling for Better Transform Compression

10 years 11 months ago
Down-Scaling for Better Transform Compression
Abstract. The most popular lossy image compression method used on the Internet is the JPEG standard. JPEG’s good compression performance and low computational and memory complexity make it an attractive method for natural image compression. Nevertheless, as we go to low bit rates that imply lower quality, JPEG introduces disturbing artifacts. It appears that at low bit rates a down– scaled image when JPEG compressed visually beats the high resolution image compressed via JPEG to be represented with the same number of bits. Motivated by this idea, we show how down–sampling an image to a low resolution, then using JPEG at the lower resolution, and subsequently interpolating the result to the original resolution can improve the overall PSNR performance of the compression process. We give an analytical model and a numerical analysis of the sub-sampling, compression and re-scaling process, that makes explicit the possible quality/compression trade-offs. We show that the image auto-cor...
Alfred M. Bruckstein, Michael Elad, Ron Kimmel
Added 30 Jul 2010
Updated 30 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Alfred M. Bruckstein, Michael Elad, Ron Kimmel
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