Downlink Interference Alignment

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Downlink Interference Alignment
We develop an interference alignment (IA) technique for a downlink cellular system. In the uplink, IA schemes need channel-state-information exchange across base-stations of different cells, but our downlink IA technique requires feedback only within a cell. As a result, the proposed scheme can be implemented with a few changes to an existing cellular system where the feedback mechanism (within a cell) is already being considered for supporting multi-user MIMO. Not only is our proposed scheme implementable with little effort, it can in fact provide substantial gain especially when interference from a dominant interferer is significantly stronger than the remaining interference: it is shown that in the two-isolated cell layout, our scheme provides four-fold gain in throughput performance over a standard multi-user MIMO technique. We show through simulations that our technique provides respectable gain under a more realistic scenario: it gives approximately 20% gain for a 19 hexagonal w...
Changho Suh, Minnie Ho, David Tse
Added 09 Dec 2010
Updated 09 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where CORR
Authors Changho Suh, Minnie Ho, David Tse
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