DR-TCP: Downloadable and reconfigurable TCP

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DR-TCP: Downloadable and reconfigurable TCP
Advances in communication technology allow a variety of new network environments and services available very rapidly. Appearance of various network environments tends to enable a user with a mobile terminal to access among different network simultaneously. However, since new network environment affects performance of communication protocols, terminal systems should provide adaptation schemes for the protocols in order to keep the quality of network performance high. A possible solution is to make the protocol reconfigurable to be adapted to current network environment. Unfortunately, because most existing network systems are implemented monolithically, they cannot support protocol reconfiguration dynamically at runtime. This paper proposes a new reconfigurable model that enables TCP functions to be adapted whenever network environment is changed. The proposed scheme also supports binary-level protocol upgrade for extensibility by downloading new TCP variants which the terminal does no...
Jae-Hyun Hwang, Jin-Hee Choi, Se-Won Kim, Chuck Yo
Added 13 Dec 2010
Updated 13 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Where JSS
Authors Jae-Hyun Hwang, Jin-Hee Choi, Se-Won Kim, Chuck Yoo
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