Dramatization Meets Narrative Presentations

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Dramatization Meets Narrative Presentations
In recent times, information presentation has evolved towards sophisticated approaches that involve multi-modal aspects and character-based mediation. This paper presents a novel methodology for creating information presentations based on a dramatization of the content exposition in two respects. On one side, the author plots a character's monologue that aims at achieving presentation goal and exhibits an engaging inner conflict; on the other side, the system architecture dynamically assembles the elementary units of the plot scripted by the author by implementing a tension between contrasting communicative functions. The methodology has been applied in the implementation of a virtual guide to an historical site.
Rossana Damiano, Vincenzo Lombardo, Antonio Pizzo,
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ECAI
Authors Rossana Damiano, Vincenzo Lombardo, Antonio Pizzo, Fabrizio Nunnari
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