Dual Laplacian morphing for triangular meshes

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Dual Laplacian morphing for triangular meshes
Recently, animations with deforming objects have been frequently used in various computer graphics applications. Morphing of objects is one of the techniques which realize shape transformation between two or more existing objects. In this paper, we present a novel morphing approach for 3D triangular meshes with the same topology. The basic idea of our method is to interpolate the mean curvature flow of the input meshes as the curvature flow Laplacian operator encodes the intrinsic local information of the mesh. The inbetween meshes are recovered from the interpolated mean curvature flow in the dual mesh domain due to the simplicity of the neighborhood structure of dual mesh vertices. Our approach can generate visual pleasing and physical plausible morphing sequences and avoid the shrinkage and kinks appeared in the linear interpolation method. Experimental results are presented to show the applicability and flexibility of our approach. Keywords mesh morphing, Laplacian coordinates...
Jianwei Hu, Ligang Liu, Guozhao Wang
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Updated 16 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2007
Where JVCA
Authors Jianwei Hu, Ligang Liu, Guozhao Wang
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