A Dual Space Representation for Geometric Data

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A Dual Space Representation for Geometric Data
Thie paper presents a representation echeme for polyhedral objects in arbitrary dimensions. Each object ie represented as the algebraic sum of convex polyhedra (cells). Each cell in turn ie represented ae the intereection of halfspacee and encoded in a vector. The notion of vertices is abandoned completely aa it ie not needed for the eet and eearch operators we intend to support. We ehow how thie approach allows UB to decompose set operations (such aa intersection) on polyhedral objecta into two atepe. The first step consists of a collection of vector operations; the second step is a garbage collection where vectors that represent empty celle are eliminated.
Oliver Günther, Eugene Wong
Added 28 Aug 2010
Updated 28 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1987
Where VLDB
Authors Oliver Günther, Eugene Wong
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