Dynamic Application Structuring on Heterogeneous, Distributed Systems

9 years 3 months ago
Dynamic Application Structuring on Heterogeneous, Distributed Systems
The diversity of computers and networks within a distributed system makes these systems highly heterogeneous. System heterogeneity complicates the design of static applications that must meet quality-of-service (QoS) requirements. As part of the ERDoS2 project, we have introduced a novel concept of dynamic application structuring where the system, at run time, chooses the best end-to-end implementation of an application, based on the system and resource attributes. Not only does this approach improve resource utilization and increase the total benefit to the user over that provided by the current static approaches, but it also is transparent to users and simplifies application development. We describe the models and mechanisms necessary for dynamic application structuring and use a set of multimedia applications to illustrate dynamic application structuring.
Saurav Chatterjee
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Year 1999
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Authors Saurav Chatterjee
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