Dynamic Byzantine Quorum Systems

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Dynamic Byzantine Quorum Systems
Byzantine quorum systems [13] enhance the availability and efficiency of fault-tolerant replicated services when servers may suffer Byzantine failures. An important limitation of Byzantine quorum systems is their dependence on a static threshold limit on the number of server faults. The correctness of the system is only guaranteed if the actual number of faults is lower than the the threshold at all times. However, a threshold chosen for the worst case wastes expensive replication in the common situation where the number of faults averages well below the worst case. In this paper, we present protocols for dynamically raising and lowering the resilience threshold of a quorumbased Byzantine fault-tolerant data service in response to current information on the number of server failures. Using such protocols, a system can operate in an efficient lowthreshold mode with relatively small quorums in the absence of faults, increasing and decreasing the quorum size (and thus the tolerance) as...
Lorenzo Alvisi, Evelyn Tumlin Pierce, Dahlia Malkh
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Updated 30 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Where DSN
Authors Lorenzo Alvisi, Evelyn Tumlin Pierce, Dahlia Malkhi, Michael K. Reiter, Rebecca N. Wright
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