Dynamic Carrier-Assisted Routing in Mobile Networks

10 years 9 months ago
Dynamic Carrier-Assisted Routing in Mobile Networks
We propose to use node mobility to enhance routing capability in a mobile network. A dual-control planes model is presented, which includes the traditional S(stationary)-plane for message routing among stationary nodes using connectionbased message routing. In addition, we introduce a new control plane, M(mobile)-plane, for trajectory control of mobile nodes. A message routing consists of a sequence of control plane switches, alternating between store-and-forward in the S-plane and store-carry-forward in the M-plane. Intra-plane and interplane communication is performed through contacts. In the Mplane, unlike most existing works that focus on two extremes of spectrums (random movement and tightly controlled movement), our approach focuses on loosely-controlled movement of mobile nodes to assist message routing in a store-carry-forward paradigm. The challenge lies in adapting the degree of control to support a certain degree of flexibility, such as using dynamic node trajectory to maxim...
Jie Wu
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Jie Wu
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