Dynamic circular work-stealing deque

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Dynamic circular work-stealing deque
The non-blocking work-stealing algorithm of Arora, Blumofe, and Plaxton (henceforth ABP work-stealing) is on its way to becoming the multiprocessor load balancing technology of choice in both industry and academia. This highly efficient scheme is based on a collection of array-based doubleended queues (deques) with low cost synchronization among local and stealing processes. Unfortunately, the algorithm’s synchronization protocol is strongly based on the use of fixed size arrays, which are prone to overflows, especially in the multiprogrammed environments for which they are designed. We present a work-stealing deque that does not have the overflow problem. The only ABP-style work-stealing algorithm that eliminates the overflow problem is the list-based one presented by Hendler, Lev and Shavit. Their algorithm indeed deals with the overflow problem, but it is complicated, and introduces a trade-off between the space and time complexity, due to the extra work required to mainta...
David Chase, Yossi Lev
Added 26 Jun 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where SPAA
Authors David Chase, Yossi Lev
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