A Dynamic Clustering-Based Markov Model for Web Usage Mining

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A Dynamic Clustering-Based Markov Model for Web Usage Mining
Markov models have been widely utilized for modelling user web navigation behaviour. In this work we propose a dynamic clustering-based method to increase a Markov model's accuracy in representing a collection of user web navigation sessions. The method makes use of the state cloning concept to duplicate states in a way that separates in-links whose corresponding second-order probabilities diverge. In addition, the new method incorporates a clustering technique which determines an efficient way to assign in-links with similar second-order probabilities to the same clone. We report on experiments conducted with both real and random data and we provide a comparison with the N-gram Markov concept. The results show that the number of additional states induced by the dynamic clustering method can be controlled through a threshold parameter, and suggest that the method's performance is linear time in the size of the model.
José Borges, Mark Levene
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Type Journal
Year 2004
Where CORR
Authors José Borges, Mark Levene
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