Dynamic Jamming Mitigation for Wireless Broadcast Networks

12 years 12 months ago
Dynamic Jamming Mitigation for Wireless Broadcast Networks
—Wireless communications are inherently symmetric; that is, it takes an attacker the same amount of power to modulate a signal as it does for a legitimate node to modulate the same signal. As a result, wireless communications are often susceptible to the jamming attack in which the attacker injects a high level of noise into the system. Spread spectrum has long been used to resist jamming attacks in unicast environments, or when the jammer has less information than the other receivers. Recently, we proposed a scheme for broadcast jamming mitigation based on spread spectrum and a binary key tree and showed some improvements over a multiple-unicast system. In this paper, we extend our previous work in five ways. First, we provide a theoretical result that under our scheme, jammers can cause only a limited number of losses. Second, we develop a dynamic tree-remerging scheme that achieves higher power efficiency than previously proposed schemes, and scales to an arbitrary number of rec...
Jerry T. Chiang, Yih-Chun Hu
Added 31 May 2010
Updated 31 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Jerry T. Chiang, Yih-Chun Hu
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