Dynamic logic of preference upgrade

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Dynamic logic of preference upgrade
ABSTRACT. Statements not only update our current knowledge, but also have other dynamic effects. In particular, suggestions or commands ‘upgrade’ our preferences by changing the current order among worlds. We present a complete logic of knowledge update plus preference upgrade that works with dynamic-epistemic-style reduction axioms. This system can model changing obligations, conflicting commands, or ‘regret’. We then show how to derive reduction axioms from arbitrary definable relation changes. This style of analysis also has a product update version with preferences between actions, as well as worlds. Some illustrations are presented involving defaults and obligations. We conclude that our dynamic framework is viable, while admitting a further extension to more numerical ‘utility update’.
Johan van Benthem, Fenrong Liu
Added 15 Dec 2010
Updated 15 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2007
Authors Johan van Benthem, Fenrong Liu
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