Dynamic Nonuniform Data Approximation in Databases with Haar Wavelet

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Dynamic Nonuniform Data Approximation in Databases with Haar Wavelet
Abstract— Data synopsis is a lossy compressed representation of data stored into databases that helps the query optimizer to speed up the query process, e.g. time to retrieve the data from the database. An efficient data synopsis must provide accurate information about the distribution of data to the query optimizer at any point in time. Due to the fact that some data will be queried more often than others, a good data synopsis should consider the use of nonuniform accuracy, e.g. provide better approximation of data that are queried the most. Although, the generation of data synopsis is a critical step to achieve a good approximation of the initial data representation, data synopsis must be updated over time when dealing with time varying data. In this paper, we introduce new Haar wavelet synopses for nonuniform accuracy and time-varying data that can be generated in linear time and space, and updated in sublinear time. We further introduce two linear algorithms, called 2-Step and M...
Su Chen, Antonio Nucci
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Type Journal
Year 2007
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Authors Su Chen, Antonio Nucci
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