Dynamic Proportional Share Scheduling in Hadoop

11 years 9 months ago
Dynamic Proportional Share Scheduling in Hadoop
We present the Dynamic Priority (DP) parallel task scheduler for Hadoop. It allows users to control their allocated capacity by adjusting their spending over time. This simple mechanism allows the scheduler to make more efficient decisions about which jobs and users to prioritize and gives users the tool to optimize and customize their allocations to fit the importance and requirements of their jobs. Additionally, it gives users the incentive to scale back their jobs when demand is high, since the cost of running on a slot is then also more expensive. We envision our scheduler to be used by deadline or budget optimizing agents on behalf of users. We describe the design and implementation of the DP scheduler and experimental results. We show that our scheduler enforces service levels more accurately and also scales to more users with distinct service levels than existing schedulers. In addition, our scheduler implementation is smaller and less complex than existing schedulers and it doe...
Thomas Sandholm, Kevin Lai
Added 14 Feb 2011
Updated 14 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Thomas Sandholm, Kevin Lai
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