Dynamic thermal management for MPEG-2 decoding

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Dynamic thermal management for MPEG-2 decoding
In this paper, we propose an effective dynamic thermal management (DTM) scheme for MPEG-2 decoding by allowing some degree of spatiotemporal quality degradation. Given a target MPEG-2 decoding time, we dynamically select either an intraframe spatial degradation or an inter-frame temporal degradation strategy in order to make sure that the microprocessor chip will continue to stay in a thermally safe state of operation, albeit with certain amount of image/video quality loss. For our experiments, we use the MPEG-2 decoder program of MediaBench and modify/combine Wattch and HotSpot for the power and thermal simulations and measurements, respectively. Our experimental results show that we achieve thermally safe state with spatial quality degradation of 0.12 Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) and with frame drop rate of 12.5% on average. Categories and Subject Descriptors B.7.2 [Hardware]: Design Aids General Terms Design, Reliability Keywords Thermal model, temperature-aware design, MPEG-2 dec...
Wonbok Lee, Kimish Patel, Massoud Pedram
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Wonbok Lee, Kimish Patel, Massoud Pedram
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