Dynamic Window-Constrained Scheduling for Multimedia Applications

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Dynamic Window-Constrained Scheduling for Multimedia Applications
This paper describes an algorithm, called Dynamic Window-Constrained Scheduling (DWCS), designed to meet the service constraints on packets from multiple, network-bound media streams with different performance objectives. Using only two attributes, a deadline and a loss-tolerance per packet stream, DWCS: (1) can limit the number of late packets over finite numbers of consecutive packets in loss-tolerant or delayconstrained, heterogeneous traffic streams, (2) does not require a-priori knowledge of the worst-case loading from multiple streams to establish the necessary bandwidth allocations to meet per-stream delay and lossconstraints, and (3) can exhibit both fairness and unfairness properties when necessary. In fact, DWCS can perform fair-bandwidth allocation, static priority (SP) and earliest-deadline first (EDF) scheduling. We show the effectiveness of DWCS using a streaming video application, running over ATM.
Richard West, Karsten Schwan
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Richard West, Karsten Schwan
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