A Dynamically Adaptable Hardware Transactional Memory

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A Dynamically Adaptable Hardware Transactional Memory
Most Hardware Transactional Memory (HTM) implementations choose fixed version and conflict management policies at design time. While eager HTM systems store transactional state in-place in memory and resolve conflicts when they are produced, lazy HTM systems buffer the transactional state in specialized hardware and defer the resolution of conflicts until commit time. Each scheme has its strengths and weaknesses, but, unfortunately, both approaches are too inflexible in the way they manage data versioning and transactional contention. Thus, fixed HTM systems may result in a significant performance opportunity loss when they execute complex transactional applications. In this paper, we present DynTM (Dynamically Adaptable HTM), the first fully-flexible HTM system that permits the simultaneous execution of transactions using complementary version and conflict management strategies. In the heart of DynTM is a novel coherence protocol that allows tracking conflicts among eager and lazy tra...
Marc Lupon, Grigorios Magklis, Antonio Gonzá
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Marc Lupon, Grigorios Magklis, Antonio González
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