Dyslexia and learning computer programming

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Dyslexia and learning computer programming
This paper explores some of the issues associated with teaching computer science to students with dyslexia. Issues associated with both student learning generally and computer science specifically are considered. The accessibility of teaching materials made available through virtual learning environments (VLEs) is addressed. Twelve resulting guidelines particularly relevant to students with dyslexia are outlined. More specifically to computer science, the issues associated with programming are explored through the development of a mapping of the features of dyslexia to the tasks involved in writing a computer program. Preliminary evidence, from both the wider dyslexia community with computer programming experience and some early interview results, are presented to both support the mapping and draw out other important issues. Keywords dyslexia, computer programming, virtual learning environments
Norman Powell, David J. Moore, John Gray, Janet Fi
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Norman Powell, David J. Moore, John Gray, Janet Finlay, John Reaney
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