E-Blended Learning for Distance Learners

9 years 11 months ago
E-Blended Learning for Distance Learners
E-blended learning as a new methodology will be explained. E-blended learning scenario for distance learners will include live sessions. During the last years we developed e-learning courses in the domain of information management. Blended learning is the solution in which we can take now full advantage of ICT based learning combined with some traditional classroom activities. We have decided to integrate live sessions or virtual classroom sessions in our blend. So our e-blended learning model is applicable for distance learners. The adoption of live sessions in the learning process is a new evolution in e-learning and is an opportunity in blended learning. Those synchronous events are key to the learning design because they give learners the opportunity to ask questions, interact with peers and practise skills on distance.
Jeanne Schreurs
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Year 2003
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