Easing the Transition to Software Mass Customization

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Easing the Transition to Software Mass Customization
Although software mass customization offers the potential for order-of-magnitude improvements in software engineering performance, the up-front cost, level of effort, assumed risk, and latency required to make the transition to software mass customization are a prohibitive adoption barrier for many organizations that could otherwise benefit. BigLever Software has developed a software mass customization technology that lowers the adoption barrier, enabling software organizations to achieve the benefits of software mass customization with significantly less transition time and effort. This technology supports three different transition models for adopting software mass customization. 1 Software Mass Customization and its Benefits Software mass customization focuses on the means of efficiently producing and maintaining multiple similar software products, exploiting what they have in common and managing what varies among them. This is analogous to what is practiced in the automotive ind...
Charles W. Krueger
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