Easy Grocery: 3D Visualization in e-Grocery

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Easy Grocery: 3D Visualization in e-Grocery
There are many deficiencies in the traditional electronic commerce schema. The main problem for consideration is the text and picture based design that underpins current HTML systems. This paper presents the online grocery shopping system called Easy Grocery which is available at This system is based on the innovative concept of using a 3D system as an interface to the user during their shopping experience. Furthermore, this 3D system follows the mental model of the user as opposed to that of the developer. Additionally, the user is able to select the layout of the online store so that it matches the layout of their local store, thus enabling even new users to exploit their own knowledge of how items are organised to shop efficiently. The Easy Grocery system demonstrates that 3D online shopping can provide significant advantages for both consumers and retailers. 1 Grocery Shopping The whole concept and experience of Grocery shopping has undergone a complete tran...
J. Somerville, Liz J. Stuart, N. Barlow
Added 12 Jun 2010
Updated 12 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where IV
Authors J. Somerville, Liz J. Stuart, N. Barlow
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