Ecological optics of natural materials and light fields

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Ecological optics of natural materials and light fields
The appearance of objects in scenes is determined by their shape, material properties and by the light field, and, in contradistinction, the appearance of those objects provides us with cues about the shape, material properties and light field. The latter so-called inverse problem is underdetermined and therefore suffers from interesting ambiguities. Therefore, interactions in the perception of shape, material, and luminous environment are bound to occur. Textures of illuminated rough materials depend strongly on the illumination and viewing directions. Luminance histogram-based measures such as the average luminance, its variance, shadow and highlight modes, and the contrast provide robust estimates with regard to the surface structure and the light field. Human observers performance agrees well with predictions on the basis of such measures. If we also take into account the spatial structure of the texture it is possible to estimate the illumination orientation locally. Image analys...
Sylvia C. Pont
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Year 2009
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Authors Sylvia C. Pont
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