Edge affinity for pose-contour matching

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Edge affinity for pose-contour matching
We present an approach for whole-body pose contour matching. Contour matching in natural images in the absence of foreground-background segmentation is difficult. Usually an asymmetric approach is adopted, where a contour is said to match well if it aligns with a subset of the image's gradients. This leads to problems as the contour can match with a portion of an object's outline and ignore the remainder. We present a model for using edge-continuity to address this issue. Pairs of edge elements in the image are linked with affinities if they are likely to belong to the same object. A contour that matches with a set of image gradients is constrained to also match with other gradients having high affinities with the chosen ones. Experimental results show that this improves matching performance. Key words: edge continuity, contour matching
V. Shiv Naga Prasad, Larry S. Davis, Son Dinh Tran
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Updated 11 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
Where CVIU
Authors V. Shiv Naga Prasad, Larry S. Davis, Son Dinh Tran, Ahmed M. Elgammal
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