The Effect of Syntactic Representation on Semantic Role Labeling

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The Effect of Syntactic Representation on Semantic Role Labeling
Almost all automatic semantic role labeling (SRL) systems rely on a preliminary parsing step that derives a syntactic structure from the sentence being analyzed. This makes the choice of syntactic representation an essential design decision. In this paper, we study the influence of syntactic representation on the performance of SRL systems. Specifically, we compare constituent-based and dependencybased representations for SRL of English in the FrameNet paradigm. Contrary to previous claims, our results demonstrate that the systems based on dependencies perform roughly as well as those based on constituents: For the argument classification task, dependencybased systems perform slightly higher on average, while the opposite holds for the argument identification task. This is remarkable because dependency parsers are still in their infancy while constituent parsing is more mature. Furthermore, the results show that dependency-based semantic role classifiers rely less on lexicalized featu...
Richard Johansson, Pierre Nugues
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Richard Johansson, Pierre Nugues
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