Effective Instruction Prefetching via Fetch Prestaging

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Effective Instruction Prefetching via Fetch Prestaging
As technological process shrinks and clock rate increases, instruction caches can no longer be accessed in one cycle. Alternatives are implementing smaller caches (with higher miss rate) or large caches with a pipelined access (with higher branch misprediction penalty). In both cases, the performance obtained is far from the obtained by an ideal large cache with one-cycle access. In this paper we present Cache Line Guided Prestaging (CLGP), a novel mechanism that overcomes the limitations of current instruction cache implementations. CLGP employs prefetching to charge future cache lines into a set of fast prestage buffers. These buffers are managed efficiently by the CLGP algorithm, trying to fetch from them as much as possible. Therefore, the number of fetches served by the main instruction cache is highly reduced, and so the negative impact of its access latency on the overall performance. With the best CLGP configuration using a 4 KB I-cache, speedups of 3.5% (at 0.09µm) and 12....
Ayose Falcón, Alex Ramírez, Mateo Va
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where IPPS
Authors Ayose Falcón, Alex Ramírez, Mateo Valero
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