Effective Visualisation of Workflow Enactment

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Effective Visualisation of Workflow Enactment
Abstract. Although most existing teamwork management systems support userfriendly interface to some extent, few of them have take into consideration of the special requirements of workflow visualisation. This paper realises the unique features of visualisation for run-time workflow, i.e., workflow enactment and execution. We present a detailed discussion of the emerging problems against the general aesthetic criteria for drawing the workflow layout. In order to support most essential workflow enactment facilities, the following three mechanisms are provided. Firstly, Sugiyama algorithm has been systematically incorporated into our prototype to create well structured workflow layout initially. Secondly, when the workflow process dynamically changes, we can adjust workflow layout by our force-scan algorithm to retain the mental maps created earlier among team members. Thirdly, we have also applied the technique of the fisheye view to offer a context focus mechanism for workflow users and...
Yun Yang, Wei Lai, Jun Shen, Xiaodi Huang, Jun Yan
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Updated 20 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Yun Yang, Wei Lai, Jun Shen, Xiaodi Huang, Jun Yan, Lukman Setiawan
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