The effects of semantic grouping on visual search

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The effects of semantic grouping on visual search
This paper reports on work-in-progress to better understand how users visually interact with hierarchically organized semantic information. Experimental reaction time and eye movement data are reported that give insight into strategies people employ while searching visual layouts containing words that are either grouped by category (i.e. semantically cohesive) or randomly grouped. Additionally, sometimes the category labels of the cohesive groups are displayed as part of the group. Preliminary results suggest that: (a) When groups are cohesive, people tend to search labeled and unlabeled layouts similarly. (b) People seem to trust the categorical information of labels more than non-labels. This work will be used to extend current computational models of visual search to better predict users visual interaction with interfaces. Keywords Visual search, semantics, visual grouping, cognitive strategies, eye movements ACM Classification Keywords H5.2. [Information Interfaces and Presentatio...
Tim Halverson, Anthony J. Hornof
Added 30 Nov 2009
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where CHI
Authors Tim Halverson, Anthony J. Hornof
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