Efficient Congestion Avoidance Mechanism

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Efficient Congestion Avoidance Mechanism
The nowadays Internet architecture is mainly based on unicast communications and best-effort service. However, the development of the Internet encouraged emerging services that are sensitive to delay or packet loss, as it is the case for multimedia and group applications. The deployment of these applications should not compromise the proper transmission of TCP flows and would benefit significantly from flows that are responsive to congestion. We propose efficient congestion avoidance mechanism (ECAM) 1 as a generic framework for congestion control in the Internet, to address this lack and important need of congestion control in various situations that occurs in the Internet. ECAM is designed for uncontrolled unicast and multicast traffic and supports both reliable and unreliable best-effort flows. ECAM works not only for best-effort service, but supports as well the new differentiated services, where out of profile packets may experience congestion. Implementation problems are also di...
Anca Dracinschi Sailer, Serge Fdida
Added 25 Aug 2010
Updated 25 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Where LCN
Authors Anca Dracinschi Sailer, Serge Fdida
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