An Efficient Delay Sensitive Multicast Routing Algorithm

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An Efficient Delay Sensitive Multicast Routing Algorithm
As a key issue in multicast routing with quality of service (QoS) support, constrained minimum Steiner tree (CMST) problem has been a research focus for more than a decade, and tens of heuristics have been developed to solve this NP-complete problem. Among all the previously proposed algorithms, the bounded shortest path algorithm (BSMA) [22] have been proved to be capable of producing a multicast tree that has on average the lowest cost. However, such an excellent cost performance is accompanied with an extremely high time complexity. Recently, Feng et al. presented an alternative implementation of BSMA, which makes use of the latest research results on the delay-constrained least cost (DCLC) routing problem. Simulations indicate that, in comparison with the original implementation, the alternative implementation has a much lower time complexity with virtually identical cost performance, and it also runs much faster than many renowned heuristics such as KPP [11] and CAO [21]. In this ...
Gang Feng
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Type Conference
Year 2004
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Authors Gang Feng
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