Efficient Implementation of Joins over Cassandra DBs

3 years 19 days ago
Efficient Implementation of Joins over Cassandra DBs
Over the last few years we witness an explosion on the development of data management solutions for big data applications. To this direction NoSQL databases provide new opportunities by enabling elastic scaling, fault tolerance, high availability and schema flexibility. Despite these benefits, their limitations in the flexibility of query mechanisms impose a real barrier for any application that has not predetermined access use-cases. One of the main reasons for this bottleneck is that NoSQL databases do not support joins. In this poster we present a solution that efficiently supports joins over such databases. More specifically, we present a query optimization and execution module placed on top of Cassandra clusters that is able to efficiently combine information stored in different columnfamilies. Our preliminary evaluation demonstrates the feasibility of our solution and the advantages gained when compared to a recent commercial solution by DataStax. To the best of our knowledge ou...
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Year 2016
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