Efficient RBS in Sensor Networks

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Efficient RBS in Sensor Networks
Sensor networks have emerged as an interesting and important research area in the last few years. In order to construct a wireless sensor network, synchronization of base stations is very important. As the synchronization mechanisms based on the purpose of the sensor network, the RBS and TDP have been proposed. In this paper, we compared and analyzed the performance of the RBS and TDP mechanisms according to the number of generated messages, the elapsed time for overall synchronization, the number of nodes to be synchronized from a reference node and the number of reference nodes in the wireless sensor network. In the simulation results based on the number of generated messages and the elapsed time in overall synchronization, TDP is far better than RBS. But, in the environments with small number of nodes, RBS is far more accurate than TDP. So, if we require only few base nodes in the network and the more high synchronization accuracy is necessary, RBS mechanism is more preferable. How...
Hyojung Lee, Wonpil Yu, Youngmi Kwon
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ITNG
Authors Hyojung Lee, Wonpil Yu, Youngmi Kwon
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