ElasticTree: Saving Energy in Data Center Networks

9 years 7 months ago
ElasticTree: Saving Energy in Data Center Networks
Networks are a shared resource connecting critical IT infrastructure, and the general practice is to always leave them on. Yet, meaningful energy savings can result from improving a network's ability to scale up and down, as traffic demands ebb and flow. We present ElasticTree, a network-wide power1 manager, which dynamically adjusts the set of active network elements -- links and switches -- to satisfy changing data center traffic loads. We first compare multiple strategies for finding minimum-power network subsets across a range of traffic patterns. We implement and analyze ElasticTree on a prototype testbed built with production OpenFlow switches from three network vendors. Further, we examine the trade-offs between energy efficiency, performance and robustness, with real traces from a production e-commerce website. Our results demonstrate that for data center workloads, ElasticTree can save up to 50% of network energy, while maintaining the ability to handle traffic surges. O...
Brandon Heller, Srinivasan Seetharaman, Priya Maha
Added 29 Oct 2010
Updated 29 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where NSDI
Authors Brandon Heller, Srinivasan Seetharaman, Priya Mahadevan, Yiannis Yiakoumis, Puneet Sharma, Sujata Banerjee, Nick McKeown
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