An electronic registry for physiotherapists in Belgium

9 years 3 months ago
An electronic registry for physiotherapists in Belgium
This paper describes the results of the KINELECTRICS project. Since more and more clinical documents are stored and transmitted in an electronic way, the aim of this project was to design an electronic version of the registry that contains all acts of physiotherapists. The solution we present here, not only meets all legal constraints, but also enables to verify the traceability and inalterability of the generated documents, by means of SHA-256 codes. The proposed structure, using XML technology can also form a basis for the development of tools that can be used by the controlling authorities. By means of a certification procedure for software systems, we succeeded in developing a user friendly system that enables end-users that use a quality labeled software package, to automatically produce all the legally necessary documents concerning the registry. Moreover, we hope that this development will be an incentive for non-users to start working in an electronic way. Keywords. Electronic ...
Ronald Buyl, Marc Nyssen
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where MIE
Authors Ronald Buyl, Marc Nyssen
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