EM Algorithms for Self-Organizing Maps

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EM Algorithms for Self-Organizing Maps
eresting web-available abstracts and papers on clustering: An Analysis of Recent Work on Clustering Algorithms (1999), Daniel Fasulo : This paper describes four recent papers on clustering, each of which approaches the clustering problem from a different perspective and with different goals. It analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and describes how a user could decide which algorithm to use for a given clustering application. Finally, it concludes with ideas that could make the selection and use of clustering algorithms for data analysis less difficult. Hierarchical Model-based Clustering For Large Datasets (1999), Christian Posse : In recent years, hierarchical model-based clustering has provided promising results in a variety of applications. However, its use with large datasets has been hindered by a time and memory complexity that are at least quadratic in the number of observations. To overcome this difficulty, we propose to ...
Tom Heskes, Jan-Joost Spanjers, Wim Wiegerinck
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Tom Heskes, Jan-Joost Spanjers, Wim Wiegerinck
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