Embeddable Overlay Networks

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Embeddable Overlay Networks
—The accuracy of network coordinate (NC) which is comprehensively applied is suffering seriously from Triangle Inequality Violations (TIVs). A novel approach - Embeddable Overlay Networks (EON) - has been proposed to address this problem. It runs NC on an overlay environment where Round Trip Times (RTTs) are measured with respect to overlay forwarding that has eliminated all the TIVs. In this paper, we conduct a much more comprehensive study by applying the idea of EON on four existing NC systems - GNP, NPS, Phoenix and PIC. Simulations using original data and data of EON are conducted and the results are compared. Through empirical study we discover that the accuracy has been improved significantly on all of the four NC systems according to the three metrics of relative error, distortion and nearest neighbor loss.
Eng Keong Lua, Timothy G. Griffin
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Updated 04 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ISCC
Authors Eng Keong Lua, Timothy G. Griffin
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