Embedded Systems - Challenges and Work Directions

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Embedded Systems - Challenges and Work Directions
Embedded Systems are components integrating software and hardware jointly and specifically designed to provide given functionalities. These components may be used in many different types of applications, including transport (avionics, space, automotive, trains), electrical and electronic appliances (cameras, toys, television, washers, dryers, audio systems, cellular phones), power distribution, factory automation systems, etc. Their extensive use and integration in everyday products marks a significant evolution in information science and technology. A main trend is the proliferation of embedded systems, that should work in seamless interaction while respecting real-world constraints. Embedded systems have a number of specific characteristics, which play a role in structuring the technical domain including criticality, reactivity and autonomy. The coming generations of embedded systems - primarily used in mass-market products - need development methods and tools allowing to jointly con...
Joseph Sifakis
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