The EMOTE model for effort and shape

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The EMOTE model for effort and shape
Human movements include limb gestures and postural attitude. Although many computer animation researchers have studied these classes of movements, procedurally generated movements still lack naturalness. We argue that looking only at the psychological notion of gesture is insufficient to capture movement qualities needed by animated characters. We advocate that the domain of movement observation science, specifically Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and its Effort and Shape components, provides us with valuable parameters for the form and execution of qualitative aspects of movements. Inspired by some tenets shared among LMA proponents, we also point out that Effort and Shape phrasing across movements and the engagement of the whole body are essential aspects to be considered in the search for naturalness in procedurally generated gestures. Finally, we present EMOTE (Expressive MOTion Engine), a 3D character animation system that applies Effort and Shape qualities to independently define...
Diane M. Chi, Monica Costa, Liwei Zhao, Norman I.
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Diane M. Chi, Monica Costa, Liwei Zhao, Norman I. Badler
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