Energy-Efficient Processing of Spatial Alarms on Mobile Clients

11 years 2 months ago
Energy-Efficient Processing of Spatial Alarms on Mobile Clients
In this paper we present an energy efficient framework for processing spatial alarms on mobile clients, while maintaining low computation and storage costs. Our approach to spatial alarms provides two systematic methods for minimizing energy consumption on mobile clients. First, we introduce the concept of safe distance to reduce the number of unnecessary mobile client wakeups for spatial alarm evaluation. This mechanism not only reduces the amount of unnecessary processing of the spatial alarms but also significantly minimizes the energy consumption on mobile clients, compared to periodic wakeups, while preserving the accuracy and timeliness of the spatial alarms. Second, we develop a suite of techniques for minimizing the number of location triggers to be checked for spatial alarm evaluation upon each wakeup. This further reduces the computation cost and energy expenditure on mobile clients. We evaluate the scalability and energy-efficiency of our approach using a road network simul...
Ling Liu
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where SEDE
Authors Ling Liu
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