Energy Harvesting Sensor Nodes: Survey and Implications

9 years 6 months ago
Energy Harvesting Sensor Nodes: Survey and Implications
Sensor networks with battery-powered nodes can seldom simultaneously meet the design goals of lifetime, cost, sensing reliability and sensing and transmission coverage. Energy-harvesting, converting ambient energy to electrical energy, has emerged as an alternative to power sensor nodes. By exploiting recharge opportunities and tuning performance parameters based on current and expected energy levels, energy harvesting sensor nodes have the potential to address the conflicting design goals of lifetime and performance. This paper surveys various aspects of energy harvesting sensor systems— architecture, energy sources and storage technologies and examples of harvesting-based nodes and applications. The study also discusses the implications of recharge opportunities on sensor node operation and design of sensor network solutions.
Sujesha Sudevalayam, Purushottam Kulkarni
Added 18 Dec 2011
Updated 18 Dec 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Authors Sujesha Sudevalayam, Purushottam Kulkarni
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