Energy Minimization for Linear Envelope MRFs

10 years 4 months ago
Energy Minimization for Linear Envelope MRFs
Markov random fields with higher order potentials have emerged as a powerful model for several problems in computer vision. In order to facilitate their use, we propose a new representation for higher order potentials as upper and lower envelopes of linear functions. Our representation concisely models several commonly used higher order potentials, thereby providing a unified framework for minimizing the corresponding Gibbs energy functions. We exploit this framework by converting lower envelope potentials to standard pairwise functions with the addition of a small number of auxiliary variables. This allows us to minimize energy functions with lower envelope potentials using conventional algorithms such as BP, TRW and α-expansion. Furthermore, we show how the minimization of energy functions with upper envelope potentials leads to a difficult minmax problem. We address this difficulty by proposing a new message passing algorithm that solves a linear programming relaxation of the ...
Pushmeet Kohli, M. Pawan Kumar
Added 08 Apr 2010
Updated 14 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where CVPR
Authors Pushmeet Kohli, M. Pawan Kumar
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