Engineering tagging languages for DSLs

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Engineering tagging languages for DSLs
—To keep a DSL clean, readable and reusable in different contexts, it is useful to define a separate tagging language. A tag model logically adds information to the tagged DSL model while technically keeping the artifacts separated. Using a generic tagging language leads to promiscuous tag models, whereas defining a target DSL-specific tag language has a high initial overhead. This paper presents a systematic approach to define a DSL-specific tag language and a corresponding schema language, combining the advantages of both worlds: (a) the tag language specifically fits to the DSL, (b) the artifacts are kept separated and enabling reuse with different tag decorations, (c) the tag language follows a defined type schema, and (d) systematic derivation considerably reduces the effort necessary to implement the tag language. An example shows that it can at least partially be realized by a generator and applied for any kind of DSL. Index Terms—Software Engineering, Modeling, M...
Timo Greifenberg, Markus Look, Sebastian Roidl, Be
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Updated 15 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2015
Authors Timo Greifenberg, Markus Look, Sebastian Roidl, Bernhard Rumpe
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