Enhancement of Development Technologies for Agent-Based Software Engineering

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Enhancement of Development Technologies for Agent-Based Software Engineering
Abstract. Current trends in software development show a move towards supporting autonomous components (agents). The accurate timing of interactions between such components is growing in importance. However, the modeling tools provide insufficient support for effective specification and implementation of such systems. This paper gives an overview of a doctoral work, where an effort is made to integrate the existing and emerging tools for providing a development platform for time-aware multi-agent systems. As the work is in its early stages, this paper presents an overview of the preliminary and expected results. 1 Background Modern systems are software-intensive and must meet increasingly demanding requirements in order to cope with significant degrees of uncertainty, dynamic environments, and to provide greater flexibility. Agent-based development metaphors and technologies provide well suited structures and techniques to handle such complexity [1]. However, when developing complex ope...
Andre Karpistsenko
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Year 2005
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Authors Andre Karpistsenko
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