Enhancing set constraint solvers with lexicographic bounds

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Enhancing set constraint solvers with lexicographic bounds
Since their beginning in constraint programming, set solvers have been applied to a wide range of combinatorial search problems, such as bin-packing, set partitioning, circuit design, and Combinatorial Design Problems. In this paper we present and evaluate a new means towards improving the practical reasoning power of Finite Set (FS) constraint solvers to better address such set problems with a particular attention to the challenging symmetrical set problems often cast as Combinatorial Design Problems (CDPs). While CDPs find a natural formulation in the language of sets, in constraint programming literature, alternative models are often used due to a lack of efficiency of traditional FS solvers. We first identify the main structural components of CDPs that render their modeling suitable to set languages but their solving a technical challenge. Our new prototype solver extends the traditional subset variable domain with lexicographic bounds that better approximate a set domain by satisf...
Andrew Sadler, Carmen Gervet
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Updated 25 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Andrew Sadler, Carmen Gervet
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