Enterprise Knowledge Management and Conceptual Modelling

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Enterprise Knowledge Management and Conceptual Modelling
Turbulence is in the nature of business environments. Changes brought about because of different requirements such as social, political, technical and economic, exert pressures on organisations to respond in a timely and cost effective way to these challenges. In such an unstable environment information system developers are challenged to develop systems that can meet the requirements of modern organisations. In this decade organisations also experience the effects of the integration and evolution of Information Technology (IT). While information systems continue to serve traditional business needs such as co-ordination of production and enhancements of services offered, a new and important role has emerged namely the potential of such systems in adopting a more supervisory and strategic support role. These developments offer opportunities for changes to organisational structures and the improvement of business processes. The traditional approach to information systems development has ...
Pericles Loucopoulos, Vagelio Kavakli
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Year 1997
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Authors Pericles Loucopoulos, Vagelio Kavakli
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