Entity information management in complex networks

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Entity information management in complex networks
Entity information management (EIM) is a nascent IR research area that investigates the information management process about entities instead of documents. It is motivated by the increasingly sophisticated user information needs that go beyond document search. In the recent years, entity retrieval especially expert search has attracted much attention in the IR community while many other EIM problems have been rarely investigated. On the other hand, the entities in the real world or in the Web environment often present a network structure among them, i.e., there exist explicit interactions or implicit dependencies among the related entities. Recently, the emergence of social media such as Facebook and Twitter has further exemplified this network structure of entities (e.g., users registered at these sites can become friends, a fan or a follower of others). The resulting networks are very complex in the sense that they are heterogeneous, large-scale, multi-lingual and dynamic. These co...
Yi Fang
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Year 2010
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