An Environment for the Orthographic Modeling of Workflow Components

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An Environment for the Orthographic Modeling of Workflow Components
: An important goal of workflow engines is to simplify the way in which the interaction of workflows and software components (or services) is described and implemented. The vision of the AristaFlow project is to support a "plug and play" approach in which workflow designers can describe interactions with components simply by "dragging" them from a repository and "dropping" them into appropriate points of a new workflow. However, to support such an approach in a practical and dependable way it is necessary to have semantically rich descriptions of components (or services) which can be used to perform automated compatibility checks and can be easily understood by human workflow designers. This, in turn, requires a modeling environment which supports multiple views on components and allows these to be easily generated and navigated around. In this paper we describe the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) developed in the AristaFlow project to support the...
Colin Atkinson, Dietmar Stoll
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where MKWI
Authors Colin Atkinson, Dietmar Stoll
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