An Environment Physically Distributed in Java

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An Environment Physically Distributed in Java
- This paper presents an environment for development of distributed applications. It consists basically of adding to language Java a library of methods to manipulate shared objects, according to a methodology of distributed shared memory DSM without cache. The shared objects are instances of classes that are data structures (lists, lines and stacks of objects). This library uses the distribution of objects, based on a methodology of hybrid load balancing among computers and, consequently, implies in the migration of objects among the nodes of network. And it offers mechanisms of tolerance to fault, through the object replication and recovery of mistakes. The cycle of life of an object is totally transparent for the user. In the environment the load balancing implies in the distribution of the objects on machines of network to obtain the best possible performance. The proposed methodology have been tested in the development of a small application that needed to share states and behavior...
Denivaldo Lopes, Zair Abdelouahab
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Updated 23 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Denivaldo Lopes, Zair Abdelouahab
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