Environmental scenario search and visualization

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Environmental scenario search and visualization
We have developed Environmental Scenario Search Engine (ESSE) for parallel data mining of a set of conditions inside distributed, very large databases from multiple environmental domains. The prime goal for ESSE design is to allow a user to query the environmental data archives in human linguistic terms. The mapping between the human language and the computer system involves fuzzy logic. Imagine for example that the end user doesn't need all of the weather data covering the Moscow region for the last 50 years, but rather needs an example of an atmospheric front near Moscow. Further imagine that this user needs satellite images of the front and he wants to know how often such fronts occur or if they have been increasing in the last 10 years. ESSE data mining and visualization portal combines metadata search, interactive fuzzy scenario query editor and event visualization system. Visualization system is implemented as MS Windows application based on NASA World Wind 3D globe and as ...
Mikhail N. Zhizhin, Eric A. Kihn, Vassily Lyutsare
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where GIS
Authors Mikhail N. Zhizhin, Eric A. Kihn, Vassily Lyutsarev, Sergei Berezin, Alexey Poyda, Dmitry Mishin, Dmitry Medvedev, Dmitry Voitsekhovsky
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